Real Estate Management focused on stability, consistency and performance.

About KMS
About KMS

KMS Management, Inc. is an owner, redeveloper and manager of income properties, primarily rental residential real estate. Founded in 1985 by Robert H. Levine, the company has steadily built its portfolio by acquiring well-located properties, and has consistently provided investors with returns that exceed their expectations. The key ingredient to the company’s success has been their commitment to balancing new investment activity with innovative renovation programs to maximize each property’s long-term value.

From small, intimate buildings featuring 12 units, to sweeping properties which boast 330 apartments, KMS has the experience and operational savvy to provide on-site maintenance and management services of only the highest caliber. It’s this day-to-day commitment to excellence that makes each KMS property superior, and keeps the KMS portfolio healthy.

Working together, the KMS acquisition and management teams provide a solid blend of income and growth, which has earned the company and its partners a reputation as market forerunners. By seeking high-yielding investment opportunities, and upgrading properties to ensure their vitality, KMS has kept a steady eye on growth. The result is investors, lenders, brokers, and residents alike who have directly experienced the strength of KMS.

Focused on stability, consistency and performance, the KMS team is setting new standards in residential real estate. And they’re poised to forge ahead, continuing to deliver results that outperform the market.

KMS Philosophy

The KMS team knows it takes a thorough understanding of the unique nuances of an area to ensure solid investments are made. That’s why the company invests a great deal of time and research into new territories. Through decades of real estate experience, careful evaluation and an astute ability to pinpoint strong investment opportunities, the KMS Management team is set to expand its rapidly growing portfolio with properties in Minnesota.